...Langkawi - Island in The Sun...

By: Fendy Ria

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Tuesday, 28-Mar-2006 16:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy Birthday - My Lovely Girl


I don't know where to begin but I want you to know that I believe in us and in the things that makes what we have special.Even though at times I may doubt you I believe in the sweet,bold,caring person that you are.I get mad at you alot but I cherish so many little things about you.The way you are upfront about things,your smile,your touch,the way you seem to understand me when everyone else seems to be confused and especially the way you convinced me there everything will be just fine.

On this special day I hope you get all that you've dreamed of and life will only get better.I have only one wish and its to be there with you for many more birthdays to come.I love the way you touch my head,the warmth of your touch and the kindness in your heart.When we are real close I feel like I have no control.You are good for me because you challenge me when you feel I'm wrong.Being with you have taught me alot about patience and hopefully it will teach me about sharing.I gave you my feelings which is the most sacred thing that I have and may you grow into the woman I know you can be....

Happy birthday Sweety

p/s - Don't get mad becoz of my late sms to you..

Tuesday, 28-Mar-2006 02:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Selingan - New TAG by Beruang Mengkudu

TAG yang di buat oleh Saudara Beruang Mengkudu.... Dia cuba mengshowoff yang dia hebat jugak walaupun dia tak ler hebat mana pun. (Selagi ko tak siap kerja yg aku mintak buatkan tu, selagi itu aku tak mau mengaku).. So, utk tidak menghampakan beruang mengkudu, aku guna ni sebagai TAG aku..


Terima Kasih ler Beruang Mengkudu hang tolong buat TAG ni tuk aku. Bila masa hang cilok gambor aku ntah.. Sorrylah aku tak ada gambaq hang.. Nanti aku balik KL nanti p cari hang, tangkap gambar hang sampai hang tak larat nak tangkap plak.. .. Beruang, jangan lupa kita punya projek satu lagi... Ko macam terlupa dan buat-buat lupa dan alpa je.... Mcm ler banyak sangat kerja dia tuh..

Monday, 27-Mar-2006 05:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Jumpa Lagi - Kuching

Cukup la tu bercuti-cuti malaysianya...


Sukar untuk ku terangkan siapakah gadis misteri yang memegang lolipop of love nih.... dan apakah kaitan si gadis misteri ini dengan Kuching... Macam la misteri nusantara sangat...

Saturday, 25-Mar-2006 15:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hitam Putih - Kuching

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...For Black & White Lover...

Friday, 24-Mar-2006 04:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Singgahsana Lodge - Kuching

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I can say that this lodge is heaven for backpackers. During my stay, “mat salleh” is all over the place in this lodge. The level of friendliness of the staff over there was good.
RM 100/nite (Queen Room) is quite considerable amount for such good a place and comfortable to stay. The only thing is there is no minibar, tv set and the bathtub in the room. Anyway, Thanks to m3dusa who recommended this place to me. By the way, if you take a single room, then you have to share toilet with other guest. Is something like general public toilet or secondary school hostel toilet. The toilet is in good condition and the cleanliness is perfect. No doubt about it...

For those who interested to come here, you can browse their own webpage...

M3d, apa nama satu lagi hotel dekat dengan padang hari tu?? Merdeka palace ka??

Ini saja yang tinggal dalam pc hdd. Gambar-gambar lain pasal lodge ni dah terdelete dgn tidak sengaja.... Gambar awek/balak kat reception, mat saleh yg melepak kat lobby pun dah tak ada... What a waste...
Bengang gak memula m3d promote lodge setinggan nih. Skali masuk mcm apartment da... . Sorry m3d, ampun kan hamba...

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